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DESIGN- Campaign Director

Bellevue, WA

Campaign Director

You are the conductor of the symphony… Working with Creative Direction, Lead Writer and Senior Producer, you and your team of mission designers breathe life into the game.  While you won’t personally be designing missions or writing dialog your deliverable is the complete game experience…   This means you’ll spend lots of time playing the content and working with the mission designers to bring missions themselves, as well as the overall game, together..

Is the “thief escape” mission working technically/emotionally?  Can we sharpen up the storytelling in the “lost buddy” mission? Are we hitting the emotional targets as we transition to the 3rd act? Do we have enough variety of content?  Is there room to breathe in the game world, yet still enough content to entice players?  As the director of the campaign you’re constantly asking and answering these sorts of questions.

But wait, there’s more!  The missions you and the team make – they collide with the “systems” content as well.  In fact, your team places and tunes lots of these encounters as well.  You see the entire gameplay landscape, and bring it into balance. There’s no other way to say this: It’s a huge job.  

Our goal with each game we make is to create deep and meaningful player experiences, and this means creating innovative and immersive missions and gameplay. The Campaign Director is the focal point for this process, collaborating with the rest of the design and narrative teams to weave missions together into something unforgettable.


  • Direct the construction of the entire game campaign – including the narrative golden path, secondary mission content, and even systemic encounters.  This begins with rough mission designs and ends up in balance/polish.

  • Directly manage and support the staff of mission designers on the game, providing leadership, mentorship and performance management as well as developing their skills and career.

  • Tireless dedication to playing the game content, providing feedback to the team and helping shape an exceptional overall experience.

  • Keeping the game-wide, big picture in mind, maintain control of the game-wide list of deliverable missions/experiences. Ensuring your team has a clear understanding of their individual responsibilities within.

  • Collaborating across all disciplines – creative direction, design, environments, concept, programming, tools, sound, music, production.

  • Actively participate in milestone planning, including early production work assignments through to late game course corrections and polish.

  • Provide expert design feedback on deliverables from adjacent teams (game world, narrative/scripts, character designs, etc)


  • 3+ years of team leadership experience, managing 5+ directs

  • Shipped multiple AAA titles in a lead/management role of some kind

  • Outstanding communications and collaboration skills

  • Solid design, narrative, aesthetic and technical chops.  This job requires a well rounded skill set!

  • Demonstrated ability to design, script, and balance high-quality content in a dynamically changing game production environment.

  • Demonstrated ability to create project schedules and milestones and monitor the progress of milestones and individual tasks against those schedules


Position is currently open to those eligible to work in the States. 

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